POS Media Europe

POS Media is the leading European media group providing Point-of-Sale advertising solutions, with a presence in 13 European countries, and growing rapidly.

The market leader in the in-store communications industry, our potential reach of more than 300 million consumers means we are the largest retail media specialist in Europe. As the ever-growing number of traditional and new media channels fragments advertising budgets, we focus on consumers where the message has most impact – the Point-of-Sale.

Over 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store (source: POPAI) and, drawing on more than 17 years’ experience and expertise, we provide a range of state-of-the-art products and services proven to significantly increase consumer loyalty and amount of purchase.

We are the partner of choice for retailers because we help maximise revenue, reduce costs and improve the in-store environment and experience. We have exclusive relationships with leading European retail chains including Tesco, REAL, Ahold, Carrefour, Metro and Magnit and provide effective advertising solutions for many of the world’s most iconic brands and leading advertisers. 

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